Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Brass, Copper & Tibetan Goods.
A pioneer in making designs and all Handicraft items required for Monasteries ( gompa or gumpas, vihars ),stupas and other Nepalese & Tibetan Crafts existed in Nepal.
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Our Product ranges are varied from all kinds of monastry crafts(gomba,gompa), temple products and decoration, tibetan crafts, nepalese metal crafts, decorative items, religious & ritual crafts, various traditional carvings, metal masks, metal wares and utility oriented artistic commodities.
»  Monasteries ( like Gumpa, Vihar), Stupa
The produce of most of the items made up of copper brass, German silver required for the gumpas, vihars of Nepal, India and Tibet is made here. We make Ridha Chhukur, Galzen, Chhukun, Gajur, Sandung, Gyalling, Kangli, Relief Statues, 'Parava' (statue side edge decoration), prayer wheel, the carved items to be kept in the doors. The making of Chaitya, Stupa (Chöten) small and big sizes of Nepali and Tibetan style are also made here. The gold plating of the goods manufactured through the copper and brass sheets is also done.

»  Items of the temple
Produce of the items, made up of copper, brass required for Nepali, Indian temples of roof style and top style, is done here. The roof hangings (pataa), the peaks, the 'Bhangi', the flag, the ceiling decorator 'Ilan', 'toran' (the gate top covering decorator), the edge decorations and the wall & gate decorations are made. The statue made through the sheets embossed are also made here. The gold platings on them are also done here.

»  Tibetan domestic items
The produce of domestic commodities, which are used in Himali regions in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan like Melung, Moksang, Pappure, Dick, Jhunto, Chhusan, Tincha, Sangbhur, Bhumba, Gyakko, Teapot etc. are also made here.
»  The decorative commodities
The produce of decorative items made up of copper, brass, which are begun to be used in the houses now-a-days like flower pots of many kinds, vases, masks, mandalas etc. are also made here.
»  The utility oriented artistic commodities
The items, which are used in the houses, offices, restaurants such as filters of different sizes, the copper jugs, plates, the teapots and the dish sets.
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